Word Geodes

Four years ago when I begin my writing journey, I became intrigued with words.  I began following Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day on Facebook.  Not just following, but I also created a word diary.  Expanding my vocabulary not only provides options to prevent my storytelling from becoming stale, but aids in finding that one succinct… Continue reading Word Geodes


A Writer’s Tribe

One of the best decisions I made on the onset of my writer’s journey was to join a local writer’s group. I sought to discover people who enjoyed writing, had a willingness to share their knowledge, and, in the beginning, to shamefully validate my own writing skill.  It can be intimidating sharing your “words of… Continue reading A Writer’s Tribe


The Pursuit of Romance

Romance novels are adventures of sensual excitement as characters who feel an attraction pursue and woo one another.  Neither true-love nor sex are prerequisite outcomes of their impassioned encounters, although readers of the romance genre expect the tantalization of either "happily-ever-after" and/or amorous trysts. Like many writers, romance is a sub-plot of my stories within… Continue reading The Pursuit of Romance


The Curiosity of Oak Island

8:55pm – Tuesday evening “Okay, Honey.  Enjoy your show,” my husband says as he leaves the room.  The imaginary thought bubble above his head reads:  “Sucker!  It’s a waste of time, they’ll never find anything.” Intro to the History’s Channel’s The Curse of Oak Island   10:05pm – Tuesday evening “So?  Did they find the… Continue reading The Curiosity of Oak Island